Personal Projects

暗い夜(Dark Night)

Dark Night is a psychological horror walking simulator I made as a project. The goal of the game was to find and collect notes to regain his lost memories. The user goes through a unique and potentially disturbing experience as the game explores a dark and eerie environment. The notes that the player collects contains clues to the protagonist’s past and his relationship with his family. As the player collects more notes and pieces together the story, the game becomes more intense and unsettling. The slow realization that the protagonist has killed his family is a key plot point that has a significant emotional impact on the player. The game incorporates elements of psychological horror and suspense, as well as themes of guilt, trauma, and memory.
As a university project, we recreated Rainbow Six Siege’s UI with a focus on improving the UX by making the game’s interface more intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

To achieve this goal, we conducted user research to identify pain points in the current interface, such as confusing navigation or difficult-to-find features. We also analyzed the game’s user data, such as the most commonly used features and the frequency of user errors, to inform their redesign.

In our redesign, we employed principles of user-centered design, creating a UI that prioritizes the needs and preferences of the game’s players. We used techniques such as prototyping, testing, and iterating to refine their designs and ensure that they are effective in improving the game’s UX.

Overall, the project demonstrates the importance of considering UX when designing interfaces for complex software applications like video games, and it showcases the potential for innovative design solutions to enhance the user experience.