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Game Designer and Developer

Aiyan Humayun

Hi! I’m Aiyan, a game programmer and designer from Pakistan, and I’ve been making games for a couple of years. I have recently graduated from Information Technology University studying Computer Science.

My game dev career started when I joined a startup where I had the chance to create a couple of games. The same year, I participated in the Rookie Game Jam held by Mindstorm Studios as an intern. My game “Rock, Paper, Scissors” won the game jam. Subsequently, I was hired by Mindstorm Studios as a Game Developer where I worked on chart topping games, from both design and technical perspectives.

Below you can see some of the projects I’ve had the opportunity of contributing to, and some of the personal-fun-things I’ve been working on. I have a strong perseverance for learning new things and taking on challenges, and I always like to put some extra time in polishing my creations, to make sure the creative vision is achieved in the best possible way.

Professional Projects

Rock, Paper, Scissors

I created a hyper casual game called “Rock, Paper, Scissors” that puts a fast-paced spin on the classic game of rock, paper, scissors. Players must race against an AI opponent while making quick decisions as the game presents them with a series of rock, paper, scissors obstacles.

Maze 2048

Maze 2048 is an engaging and entertaining hyper casual puzzle game that is a mixture of Voodoo’s Roller Splat and 2048. Players must use their strategic thinking skills to find the optimal path to complete 2048 through a maze.

Grill It

Grill It was a sizzling hyper casual puzzle game prototype that’s sure to leave you hungry for more! In this game, players take on the role of a master grill chef, tasked with grilling up the perfect steak. With intuitive swipe controls, players must flip the steak to cook both sides to perfection!

Tiny Sheep Tycoon

As a member of the team working on Tiny Sheep, a casual idle game, I helped boost revenue and improve user engagement through a variety of strategies. One of my main contributions was getting rid of bugs, and improving the user interface to make it more attractive and engaging for players.

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Personal Projects

暗い夜(Dark Night)

Dark Night is a psychological horror walking simulator I made as a project. The goal of the game was to find and collect notes to regain his lost memories.

Rainbow Six Siege: Revamped UI

As a university project, we recreated Rainbow Six Siege’s UI with a focus on improving the UX by making the game’s interface more intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing.

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Further information can be found on our website. The link below will take you to a page containing a wealth of interesting and useful information.

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